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TwinTrans® Agarose DNA Gel Electrophoresis Products

TwinTrans® Agarose DNA / RNA Electrophoresis

TwinTrans idea6.png

All in One

Designed For Convenience

Make your Research Consistent, Easier and Faster..


One system for DNA, RNA and Protein

  • Run SDS-PAGE and Western Blot in the same cassette & Running Chamber without interruption

Made for InGel DNA Purification

  • Purify DNA bands with InGel DNA purification kits within only 5 minutes


  • Two Times faster than traditional Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Sample size capacity

  • Different combs with various well numbers per Gel

Cost effective

  • Pay for one System for All your Electrophoresis experiments

NOW Change your Electrophoresis to TwinTrans® Systems

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