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Combined Verical TwinTrans® Cassettes

Compatible with traditional Electrophoresis systems

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  • All in One System

    • Run SDS-PAGE and Western Blot in the same cassette without interruption

  • Handling Errors Free & Consistency

    • Minimum handling required. 

    • No Gel cassette opening

    • No Gel Rupture

    • No Western blot sandwich making 

    • No air bubbles

    • No interruption between protein separation and Transfer to membrane

  • Faster

    • SDS-PAGE and WB altogether in only 3 hours

  • Sample size capacity

    • Load as much as 30µl per well

  • Cost effective

    • Precast gels and membrane in one cassette

  • Convenience

    • Say Good bye to  stress and frustrations



  • Protein separation and identification

  • Protein translation level identification

  • Protein-Protein interactions

  • Pathways anaylysis

  • Antibody spcificty characteriazion

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TwinTrans® Combined Vertical cassettes are Precast gradeint SDS-PAGE cassettes combning gel electrophoresis and western blot techniques. The cassettes are adpated to fit traditionla mini-size protein gel electrophoresis devices and emi-dry or wet western blot devices.

Empoered by a multi-direction electrophoresis idea, the cassettes allow electricity run from cathode to anode poles vertically in vertical prtein electrophoresis systems (Protein separation) and also horizontally (semi-dry western blotting) or vertically (wet western blotting) to allow transfer of separated proteins from gel to transfer membrane. #

The use of the TwinTrans® combined vertical cassettes is comptible with traditional running and transfer buffers.


NOW Change your Electrophoresis to TwinTrans® Systems

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