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Abstract Speed

Combined Horizontal TwinTrans® System

Multi-Direction Electrophoresis


Tired of long procedures of two techniques; SDS-PAGE and Western blot?

Now Combine Horizontal TwinTrans® System

Combine: Protein Gel Electrophoresis and Western Blot in one System

Horizontal: Easy to use, Easy to load samples, Load more samples

Faster, Consistent & Convenient

  • All in One System

    • Run SDS-PAGE and Western Blot in the same cassette & Running Chamber without interruption

  • Handling Errors Free & Consistency

    • Minimum handling required. Load your samples and let the machine does the rest

    • No Gel cassette opening

    • No Gel Rupture

    • No Western blot sandwich making 

    • No air bubbles

    • No interruption between protein separation and Transfer to membrane

    • No two different devices with different troubleshooting

  • Faster

    • SDS-PAGE and WB altogether in only 2 hours

  • Sample size capacity

    • Five times more sample size per well. load as much as 100µl per well

  • Cost effective

    • Pay for one System instead of two

    • Western blot transfer membranes are included in the combined cassettes

  • Convenience

    • Say Good bye to  stress and frustrations



  • Protein separation and identification

  • Protein translation level identification

  • Protein-Protein interactions

  • Pathways anaylysis

  • Antibody spcificty characteriazion


TwinTrans® System is a device and method to combine two very popular laboratory techniques that are Protein separation electrophoresis and Western blot transfer of protein from acrylamide gel to transfer membrane.

TwinTrans® system is a multi