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Combined Horizontal TwinTrans® System

Multi-Direction Electrophoresis


Tired of long procedures of two techniques; SDS-PAGE and Western blot?

Now Combine Horizontal TwinTrans® System

Combine: Protein Gel Electrophoresis and Western Blot in one System

Horizontal: Easy to use, Easy to load samples, Load more samples

Faster, Consistent & Convenient

  • All in One System

    • Run SDS-PAGE and Western Blot in the same cassette & Running Chamber without interruption

  • Handling Errors Free & Consistency

    • Minimum handling required. Load your samples and let the machine does the rest

    • No Gel cassette opening

    • No Gel Rupture

    • No Western blot sandwich making 

    • No air bubbles

    • No interruption between protein separation and Transfer to membrane

    • No two different devices with different troubleshooting

  • Faster

    • SDS-PAGE and WB altogether in only 2 hours

  • Sample size capacity

    • Five times more sample size per well. load as much as 100µl per well

  • Cost effective

    • Pay for one System instead of two

    • Western blot transfer membranes are included in the combined cassettes

  • Convenience

    • Say Good bye to  stress and frustrations



  • Protein separation and identification

  • Protein translation level identification

  • Protein-Protein interactions

  • Pathways anaylysis

  • Antibody spcificty characteriazion


TwinTrans® System is a device and method to combine two very popular laboratory techniques that are Protein separation electrophoresis and Western blot transfer of protein from acrylamide gel to transfer membrane.

TwinTrans® system is a multi-direction electrophoresis system that allows electricity run from cathode to anode poles horizontally to allow Protein separations and vertically to allow transfer of separated proteins from gel to transfer membrane. A simple electrical switch converts the electricity direction from horizontal to vertical once protein separation is done.

The System is composed of TwinTrans® Running Chamber and TwinTrans® Horizontal Precast Cassettes. The System can use traditional Protein Gel electrophoresis running buffers and traditionla transfer buffers or MinaBiotech's propitiatory SuperRun Buffers that optmized for fater and ore consisitent proceudres.

The Horizontal design of TwinTrans® System brings the fowlling obvious advatages:

  • Easy handling of running chamber; aseembling and desembling the system is very handy

  • Protein gel Running and Transfer buffers separation is very tight

  • The sample are loaded on to the gels outside the runnig chamber that brings conveince of loading samples on normal lab benches wihtout the need of pasture pipettes or special tips. Therefore Never miss a well or damage a well becuase of hard to see transparent well and well walles of vertical gels.

  • capacity to load more samples volume per well into the TwinTrans® Horizontal  Precast Cassettes. dueto extra hight dimention of wells, about 5 times more samples can be loaded into a given length and width of wells comared to vertical protein gels.

  • Easy insertion of TwinTrans® Horizontal cassettes into the running chamber.

  • No need to insert electrical poles. The poles are stable and mounted to top deck of the running chamber.


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NOW Change your Electrophoresis to TwinTrans® Systems

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