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Pipetting Samples

Cell Transfection

CellPower Transfection Reagent

Designed Backyard


  • High-throughput transfection.

  • Stable and transient transfections.

  • Co-transfection.

  • Transfection of primary cells and cell lines.

  • Transfection of adherent and suspension cells.

  • All cellular analysis applications.


Choose the type of SignalFlow products and molecular signaling pathways of your interest



  • High transfection efficiency and reproducibility in most common cell lines, both adherent and suspension cell lines.

  • Non-toxic: minimal cytotoxicity with a cell survival rate higher than 90%.

  • Serum-compatible in cell cultures.

  • Easy and time-saving protocol: just 24 minutes for successful transfections with minimal handling.

  • Optimized: direct application for most cell lines.

  • Proven performance: for transient and stable transfections, adherent and suspension cells.

  • Cost effective: minimal amount of DNA required and allows use of the same medium after transfection.

  • Risk-free: product covered by our Quality 100% Guarantee.

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