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New Designs New Applications

Multi-Directional Electrophoresis

Horizontal & Combined Protein Gel Electrophoresis & Western blot


Combined Horizontal TwinTrans® System

Combined Protein Gel Electrophoresis and Western blot in one Running Chamber and One combined Precast Cassette. Much faster and easier with no handling errors compared to  traditional two separate device and techniques of protein separation and transfer.

V-Twintrans marks.png

Combined Vertical TwinTrans® Precast Cassettes

Adapted to be used with traditional mini-size protein gel elctrophoresis and semi-dry or wet western blot systems. Precast Cassettes that combine both Protein gel elctrophoresis and Western blotting in one cassette without cassette opening and western blot sandwich making. 

TwinTrans idea7.png

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis System

TwinTrans® Running chamber with Modified Agarose Chamber designed to perform ideal DNA electrophoresis. The Chamberis designed to be used fo  inGel DNA bands purification without spin columns or washing buffers. One system for all your electrophoresis and more.

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