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Multi-Direction Electrophoresis

TwinTrans® System

Combined Protein Gel Electrophoresis & Western Blot

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For the first time..

Combined SDS-PAGE & Western blot

Horizontal Protein Gel Electrophoresis System

Perform two techniques in one Running Chamber and One Precast Combined Cassette in only 2 hours. Reduce handling errors to Zero. Maximize Consistency and make your research easier.

TwinTrans® platfrom

TwinTrans Running Chamber

Multi-direction Electrophoresis devide that can perform Protein separation and Trasnsfer in the same place

TwinTrans Precast Cassettes

Precast Cassettes that combine both Acrylamide gel and Transfer membrane in the same cassette

SuperRun SDS-PAGE Buffers

Protein running and Transfer buffers designed for faster and consistent performance

Prestained Protein ladders

Visualize protein separation and don't miss any large pr small proteins to reference

Easy to use

Molecular Biology Mastermixes

OneStep RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, PCR, & More

Save time with ready to use Mastermixes. Gain Consistency and reduce costs.  

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Pipetting Samples

Get know your cells

Cellular Biology Assays

Transfection Reagent

Apoptosis, Proliferation, Cytotoxicity, Cell Cycle

Oxidative stree, Viability, Senescence

Reporters and More Assays

Pure and Efficient


Enzymes that make difference

High quality and affordable enzymes to speed up innovative researches

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