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IFA Flow

IFA Flow Chamber

  • Stain 2 0r 4 or 6 or 8 samples at a time.

  • Compatible with 15mm and 18 mm coverslips

  • Minimize IFA solutions required in each step

  • Minimize antibody solutions required for best staining

  • Add IFA reagents equally at once. No separate peipting is required

  • Solutions are added through the upper valve according to the number of samples in the chamber. 

  • Solutions are pumped out through the lower valve

  • Complete IFA staining in only 3 hours

IFA flow open2
IFA _2.png

IFA Reagents

  • IFA Fixation Reagent (2X)

  • IFA Washing Reagent (10X)

  • IFA Permiablization Reagent (10X)

  • IFA Blocking Reagent (10X)

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