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InGel DNA Purifications Kits

InGel Purification Powered by Horizontal TwinTrans® System

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Designed For Convenience

Make your Research Consistent, Easier and Faster..


No Spin Columns, No Buffers

  • No buffers, No spin columns, Purification kit from Agarose Gel

  • Let the DNA Bands pass into InGel capture sticks by running the electrophoresis for 1 - 2 minute

  • Put the InGel Capture sticks into 1.5mL Eppindorf tubes and add 50µl elution buffer onto it

  • Wait for 2minutes and centrifuge.

High quality DNA

Compatible with all downstream applications

NOW Change your Electrophoresis to TwinTrans® Systems

Keyboard and Mouse

Customizing your Research Needs... We Design it 

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