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Follow the Flow of Signal Transduction

RT-PCR or Western Blot based System

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There are many signaling pathways that shape the status and behavior of the cells under normal or certain stimuli or pathophysiological conditions. For example; PI3K pathway promotes proliferation, cell survival and growth while JAK-STAT signaling pathway promotes certain gene expressions and NF-kB pathway regulates the expression of cytokines, growth factors and other regulatory proteins.

Finding and measuring the profile of signaling pathways  when studying a specific disease or investigating effect of a certain drug or chemical on specific kind of cells or when studding true effect of a gene through introduction of mutations or transgenic animals; profiling signal transduction pathways is extremely valuable to your research, because you can zoom-in and pinpoint the changes or effects that the new condition do cause and also to understand the normal natural conditions.


We offer SignalFlow products to identify and measure molecular signaling pathways

  • quantitive RT-PCR method Probe based (Multiplex)

  • quantitive RT-PCR CYBER Green base (Single gene per reaction)

  • Western blot method empowere with our TwinTrans® system (Multiplex protein detection)

Choose the type of SignalFlow products and molecular signaling pathways of your interest

Signaling pathways or  Transduction is the process that drives all the activity within and outside the cells. Information is passed through a molecule to  molecule via chemical or physical signals in certain paths that are called pathways.. Molecular Pathways are the communication network in all living cells. The signals are induced from a trigger leading to a change of a physical and chemical confirmation of the receiver molecule which prepares it to interact with another molecule and so on, giving rise to a biochemical cascade, which is a chain of biochemical events known as a signaling pathway or signal transduction.

Most of the changes during signal transduction do happen due to phosphorylation (kinase activity), de-phosphorylation (Phosphatase activity), glycosylation, lipidation...etc,

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