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New Creative Ways

Re-Designing for Convenience and Efficiency 

About MinaBiotech

MinaBiotech is driven by inventing New Creative techniques to help scientists around the world providing them with tools and methods designed for precision, consistency, and convenience.
Most of the techniques and methods used today in the research and diagnostic laboratories  are many decades old, require long procedures and handling processes that increase the chances of handling errors, affecting the efficiency, reliability, and consistency of workflow and results.

We commit our self to make science easier to perform by finding new ways and designs within creative inventions. Therefore; Design is the central element in MinaBitechs philosophy.

Our mission is to be part of scientific developments by providing scientists with tools that are convenient to use and efficient in performance.


We developed Multi-directional Gel Electrophoresis such as TwinTrans® System that combines many electrophoresis device in one platform. Nevertheless, MinaBiotech is continuously growing its scope and product variety to cover most of areas in life science any beyond. 

We would be happy to hear from you. Your questions and comments are welcomed

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