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Job Offer

Marketing Freelancer

Dueto current Covid-19 pandemic situations, face-to-face marketing is getting even more difficult to apply. Fortunately the success of the home office experience of thousands of companies around the world is noticeable for those companies who can reach their customers through online tools. Biotech customers are among the most well-established online accessible types. MinaBiotech is trying to boost its marketing power through opening many freelance marketing positions to expands its customer networks support and connections. Below is the outline description of the Freelance job openings that we offer.

Job description


  • The Freelancer's responsibility is to find and contact potential customers for MinaBiotech's products via email marketing, social media marketing, and Phone calls.

  • The Freelancer's end goal is to sell MinaBiotech's Products after establishing efficient customer networks through his/her marketing activities.

  • Minabiotech provides all necessary digital platforms including personal e-mail on MinaBiotech's web domain, brochures, and marketing templates

  • MinaBiotech provides proper training for the Freelancer in the form of written guidelines regarding how to find a customer, how to contact a customer, how to present a product, how to offer prices, and how to followup with a customer. The Guidelines are to be shared with the freelancer after signing the Freelancer contract and filling up the necessary forms for the contract.


  • The Marketing Freelancer contract is not an employment contract. MinaBiotech does not cover medical insurance, unemployment compensation, social security tax, withholding tax, or other taxes for the Freelancer. It would be the Freelancer's responsibility to pay his/her taxes according to the country and incomes that are to be made.

  • MinaBiotech offers 6 months contract for the first-time freelancer, according to the freelancer's marketing activity, this contact is subjected to multiple extensions

  •  MinaBiotech holds the right to end the freelancer's contract at any time if any violations of the contract were noticed.



  • MinaBiotech pays for the Freelancer's service 7% of the total amount of sales that the freelancer is achieving through his/her marketing activity.

  • The payments are transformed to the Freelancer's bank account monthly.




Working hours

  • There are no limitations on working hours, the Freelancer is free to work at the most suitable times. But due to the nature of the working hours of clients, it is advisable that the freelancer put more effort into normal working hours of 8 am – 5 pm of corresponding clients country time.

  • The Freelancer can use this job beside other employments.



  • MinaBiotech provides full transparency on purchases that are obtained from Freelancer's marketing activity. The Freelancer is authorized to issue quotations with MinaBiotech's quotation template marked with a special unique code for the Freelancer. The Freelancer would be the connection point between the customer and MinaBiotech, therefore all purchases would be visible for both Freelancer and MinaBiotech.


Confidentiality agreement

Freelancer agrees to keep full conditionality on all personal information about the company and clients and such information is not to be shared with any third parties.


For questions and comments, please contact us:

If you are interested in the described job, please send an email to with your C.V attached. We will inform you as soon as possible about the status of your application.  

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