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MB-cDNA Synthesis MasterMix is highly efficient and easy to use system for cDNA synthesis without reaction optimization. The engineered Reverse Transcriptase ensures high sensitivity detection from even low copy number targets. The Mastermix contains RNase Inhibitor to prevent RNA degreadation thus achieving reaction safety.

The wide reaction temperature range (38°C - 55°C) ensures efficient transcription from GC rich templates. The 5X MB-cDNA sysnthesis MasterMix includes optimal concentrations of magnesium and dNTPs and a combination of anchored oligo (dT) and random hexamers for unbiased representation of mRNA ends.
The kit is an optimal choice for generating high quality cDNA from viral RNA, miRNA or other targets for normal and qRT-PCRs.

MB-cDNA Synthesis MasterMix- 100 Reactions

375,00 €Price
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